Data Warehouse Automation

Data Warehouse Automation can reduce the overall project cost by 40%

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We are focusing on Data Warehouse Automation and therefore we have built within the group our own Data Warehouse Automation Tool.
The Foundation Accelerator 4.0 is a SAAS Data Warehouse Automation tool based on years of experience in integrating data by using Data Vault 2.0.

The Foundation Accelerator generates within the RAW Data Vault Layer the DDL and ELT. The ELT can be PL/pgSQL or Talend ELT.
By using our Data Automation Tool you will save 40% of your overall project cost.

After making a source analysis the Foundation Accelerator will guide you through each step to generate the DDL and ELT to implement and load the Data Vault 2.0 RAW Foundation Layer.


For each release the capabilities within our Data Warehouse Automation have been extended.

This is an overview of the current functionalities:

  • Satellite splitting
  • Multi-Master Hubs – Links – Direct Links
    • Links with driving Keys
  • Multi-Active Satellite Row Support
    • Subsequence
  • Non Primary Key, Business Keys
  • Initial Load scripts
  • Migration scripts
    • Satellite splits
  • Logic with no need to update HASHDIFF when adding columns to Satellites

Open Source Business Intelligence

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Data Vault 2.0 Experts

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Data Warehouse Automation

Data warehouse automation will reduce the overall project cost by 40%.

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Reference Architecture

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