Data Vault 2.0

Finaly a standard to implement a successful Enterprise Data Warehouse

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Data Vault 2.0 is one of our pillars for our Enterprise Data Warehouse projects being successful.
Data Vault 2.0 is not just modeling technique, it contains 3 areas : modeling, methodology and architecture.

The component parts for the Data Vault Ensemble include:

  • HUB : natural business key
  • LINK : natural business relationship
  • SATELLITE : all context, descriptive data and history

Why Data Vault 2.0?

  • Support the incremental build of an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
  • Simplify & Accelerates the build of an EDW
  • Scalable
    • Unlimited level of parallelism
    • No dependencies between any objects – All Hubs, Satellites and Links can be loaded in parallel
  • Traceable – Auditable
    • Audit id’s, Creation dates, etc… are standard parts of the model
    • Model changes are also recorded in a change of history fashion so full auditability of the model over time is possible.
  • Completeness (atomic, all historic data) – Data Recorder
    • The standard approach is to store all data at the lowest level of granularity and record all history of change for all attributes.
  • Resilient to change
    • New Relationship to new entity (new product entity and a new relationship via orders to customer)
    • Relationship cardinality change (from 1-1 to 1-N to N-M)
    • New Source for same reference data (example customer)
    • New Attributes
  • Supports SQL and NoSQL(Hadoop & NoSql DB’s)
  • Introduction of Hash Key
    • Eliminates Joins and Lookups which are very heavy to execute on NoSQL environments
    • Through hash bucket designation sharding is supported on MPP systems (Hadoop, Pivotal Greenplum, …)
      Sharding is distributing data across multiple compute nodes

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