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You will be a part of an innovative company with talented colleagues working on challenging projects within the domain of Open Source Enterprise Data Warehousing. Knowledge is key at DataSense so we will invest in you by offering you an extensive training package.

Senior Data Integration Consultant

As a Data Integration Consultant you will design a data model to integrate the data of different data sources.

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Senior Data Warehouse Architect

As a senior Data Warehouse Architect you will come up with a strategy and help lead development for data integration.

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Senior BI Project Manager

As a BI Project Manager you will responsible for leading the delivery of our data integration projects.

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Open Source Business Intelligence

In general, Open Source software gets closest to what users want.

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Data Warehouse Automation

Data warehouse automation will reduce the overall project cost by 40%.

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Data Vault 2.0 Experts

Our company exists out of Data Vault 2.0 certified specialists.

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Reference Architecture

The DataSense approach is based on a proven Reference Architecture.

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